Should you travel to Vietnam?


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raisa owen answered

I think Vietnam is a great choice for you to travel. I’ve been to Vietnam and would love to come back here after the epidemic is over. People are friendly and welcoming here. The first place I arrived when I came to Vietnam was Hanoi. I was here for 3 days then left for another location. I find that all the costs here are very cheap. I have experienced cyclo ride to visit the old town, see the people of Hanoi living and try out a lot of food here. I like all the food here, but my favorite is Pho. This dish is known as "the soul of Hanoi".

My next place is Ninh Binh. This place surprised me by the majestic scenery. Experience the boating and watching the mountains here was great. I choose to travel by myself and my 7-day trip to Vietnam costs about 300 USD.

Hopefully after the disease is stable you will have a great experience in this beautiful country.

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Sherry Do answered


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