Should you fast or not?


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tran hienn answered

As far as I know, we should not fast, frequent fasting will cause the body to be malnourished for a long time causing illness, disease or even death. Fasting affects digestion, intestinal tract. Fasting affects digestion, intestinal tract. The production of acid in the stomach also decreases.

As we know it is more dangerous, if the hunger is frequent and prolonged, the enzyme activity in the stomach can stop completely, the body will not release acid, it can cause serious impact on health. healthy and can be life threatening. . Many people believe that fasting only causes the body to defecate less. However, according to doctors, fasting means that your body will lose nutrients including fiber. Therefore, when the body lacks fiber will lead to constipation, in the long term, the hemorrhoids will visit you. Fasting will make us hungry and feel tired. You will see a picture of pale, haggard face, weak body due to lack of necessary nutrients.

Let us eat sensibly and in moderation to have the most nutritious body.

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