Is there a different alternative to varicoceles surgery?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Until a few years ago, if a man suffered from varicoceles (varicose veins in the scrotum) his best option was microsurgery. Now, there is a procedure that corrects varicoceles as effectively as surgery, but with less pain. It is an improved version of embolization, a treatment in which doctors block the affected veins by inserting coagulation-forming coils through a catheter.

With the new technique, the coils are combined with a foam solution that prevents blood from passing through the blockages. "The foam stops the blood so that it does not flow through the small veins that surround the varicoceles, which were previously impossible to reach" this is explained by specialists in male infertility.

The specialists conducted a study at Yale University, with the participation of 16 men, the operation was 100% effective. In addition, men suffered less pain after the procedure and recovered sooner than if they had undergone surgery.

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