Is sitting continuously for hours good or not?


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chiến cao answered

Sitting for hours for hours is not good for health, sitting too long in a position causes many health problems that directly affect the organs of the body. This is also a bad habit that many people suffer.

Therefore, if you sit in one place for many continuous hours, your metabolism will be interrupted, causing your weight to increase rapidly. The advice of experts is that every 1 to 2 hours of work, get up and walk around to boost your metabolism. Studies show that the biggest cause of back pain is posture holding. . Muscles help you move easily. But sitting still for hours will weaken them, especially the legs. The stress of life is stressful, but sitting too often causes feelings of insecurity. Studies show that long sitting can lead to depression, social isolation, insomnia and poor overall health, all of which can lead to other health problems like disproportionate muscles, scoliosis living

Therefore, we should not sit too long, sometimes get up and return to the body to rest, avoiding sitting in one place for a long time.

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