Is it true that bald people are smarter?


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Edgar Lopez answered

The majority of bald people are men and it seems that to be more accepted by society they improve certain aspects of their lives that can make them look more interesting, even more intelligent. According to studies by German scientists, "the growth factors of brain cells are also important for hair follicles, that is, there is only a chemical relationship between protein levels and hair growth."

On the other hand, a person's IQ is only a measure of certain skills but it is far from determining if the person has the most developed brain (as an organ), which could imply greater intelligence, so it cannot be said that who have a higher IQ be synonymous with being smarter. In summary, the studies that have been carried out have not found that the IQ and baldness have the least relationship, it is important to add that there are few bald women and many intelligent women.

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