Can drinking liquor affect my ears?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Consuming liquor affects all the senses. Alcohol can temporarily affect your hearing, according to a new British study, specialists discovered that as a person's blood alcohol level rises to 0.08, their hearing threshold drops to an average of 15 decibels, which is equivalent to put cotton in your ears.

According to the doctor who conducted the study, drinking two or three beers in a period of 30 minutes can make it difficult to perceive passive or slow sounds, such as those in a conversation, for 16 hours or more. "Alcohol contracts small muscles and membranes in the middle and inner ear, which affects your ability to hear," warns the doctor.

Specialists recommend that if you have a few drinks and you are really interested in the conversation, lean with the right ear, because it sends messages to the left hemisphere of the brain, which is better to follow a fast pace of speech and so you will not stop listening to the conversation.

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