Is it normal to be yawning every moment?


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Edgar Lopez answered

If you are one of those people who yawns at all times, do not worry, it is not a disease or condition to worry about, just your body is worried helping to make your brain more apt to process all the information necessary to execute activities. Gordon Gallup, a professor of psychology at the State University of New York, in the United States, takes it as a compliment, as we open our mouths as much as possible to help the brain. It is necessary to keep a fresh brain, so that it can perform its functions.

"Yawning helps people cool their brains and receive new information." When a person yawns, large volumes of air enter the lungs, which cools the blood in the capillaries. This invigorates the brain, which gives it a better ability to concentrate. “When people feel tired or bored, their brain temperature increases. Therefore, yawning reduces the feeling of tiredness or boredom. "

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