How to avoid a yawn at work?


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Edgar Lopez answered

This was always happening to me, in the office or at a work meeting I was beginning to yawn, and I probably didn't do it because I was bored or tired. Then I decided to go to the doctor, there he explained to me that yawning usually occurred because my brain wanted to cool down, this is because during periods of intense activity, , The CPU inside the skull begins to heat up and, while a computer uses a fan to prevent overheating, the human body resorts to a yawn. Then he continued explaining that when we inhale fresh air, you refresh the blood in the lungs and then in the brain. The doctor's last words were: "This refreshes the blood vessels inside the nose by sending fresh blood directly to the brain."

From that moment I understood that if I wanted to avoid yawning in a work meeting, I had to breathe deeply through my nose to avoid yawning, and when I put this into practice I discovered that inspiring deeply in most cases is more than enough to avoid yawning.

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