Is it advisable to listen to music while exercising?


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Edgar Lopez answered

When people decide to start a strict exercise or training plan, they need a motivation to accompany them while they execute the exercise routines, one of them may be listening to music during the period in which they condition their body, since it can benefit you by giving them you are a Strengthening pace Music can make you stronger, researchers from Dalhousie University in Canada report. In one study they discovered that people who listened to music when lifting weights experienced gains in four weeks far superior to those who used earplugs.

"Music may have reduced the perception of effort during training, which allowed them to work harder," explains Dr. JoM. Welch Therefore, get a good headset if you are going to run on foot or by bike, or turn on a music player in the area where you have your weight set or multi-force machines. The secret to selecting a song is simply to listen to the music you consider most motivating.

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