How to keep the mind fit?


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Edgar Lopez answered

When you do physical exercises you are not only conditioning your muscles, you also do it with your brain. A study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that exercise stimulates the production of new brain cells in areas related to memory and learning. Exercising not only makes you more cerebral, but happier. Scholars found that antidepressants have an effect similar to exercise in the brain, and that a light routine works as well as a pill against depression.

Scientists believe that these findings could lead to doctors prescribing trips to the gym for conditions such as dementia. And apart from having a fit mind, your body should also feel in good condition and something that can help is the practice of Yoga. These four reasons can encourage you to regularly use your tatami; First it stops migraine, secondly it cures depression, thirdly it reduces middle back pain and fourthly it reduces asthma symptoms.

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