How do I supplement my squat exercises?


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Edgar Lopez answered

This is one of the most popular exercises in the gym for the development of leg muscles, especially the quadriceps, but this exercise should be complemented with other routines to ensure equal development in both legs, as confirmed by studies . Standard squats do not work both legs equally, says an analysis of the National Association of Strength and Conditioning in the United States.

The investigation revealed that during a squat, one leg carries 6% more load than the other. Scholars are not sure about the cause of this imbalance but they recommend that you do not stop this exercise, but that you vary your routines with one-leg squats, buttock exercises and step up. This ensures that you work the muscles of both legs in the same way. Always remember to start with a weight that you can master and then increase, as you feel more comfortable with the weight supported, so you avoid injuries.

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