How can I revolutionize my exercise routine?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Exercising at home with dedicated machines such as multi-strengths or even in the gym, can cause these routines to be boring since they are performed monotonously for long periods of time. Scholars from the State University of New Mexico, in the United States, discovered that the exercise derived from a competition to push cars significantly increases the performance capacity of an athlete or, failing that, his ability to complete more sets and repetitions before fatigue.

If you have ever run out of gas or your vehicle has had a failure and you have had to push it, you know what it is. But this exhausting test can be dangerous if you are not physically fit. If you are a person who exercises with weight lifting routines and you are above average, invite a friend who has good physical resistance, go to an empty parking lot, and take turns: push the car 25 meters while your partner drives the steering wheel, and then change positions.

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