How can I protect my knees when I play basketball?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Shoe insoles and elastic knee braces are your best allies. The use of low-quality orthopedic insoles can increase the risk of osteoarthritis. Specialists from the University of Virginia in the United States discovered that runners increased the amount of force imposed on their knees. The fault lies in the generic form of the templates. Remember to choose the appropriate templates and avoid injuries. On the other hand, neoprene knee pads cannot protect the knees from injury. This is because they significantly increase joint stability, Belgian scientists explain.

According to physiotherapist Damien Van Tiggelen, lead author of the study, injuries usually occur when knee stability is lost due to fatigue. He suggests that they wear elastic devices before the last quarter of a basketball game or in any other fatigue period, such as the race after the weight session. Then you can look for good templates and clamps to protect your knees.

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