How can I pass the driving test and overcome my fear ??


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abdoo aliesa answered

There is no doubt that passing the driving test is a pivotal issue for many, as some people attend education schools again and again and fail to obtain a regular license, but it is not difficult and requires following some important instructions before taking this test:

1- Give yourself enough time to learn to drive and do not try to expedite the process.

2- Keep your classes regularly, and try to spend two hours a week behind the wheel, this will help you to progress continuously, and enhance your confidence, as many of the driving skills are developed through experience.

3- Use the interactive teaching tools via the Internet and some smartphone applications in this field.

4- Get enough sleep before taking the test.

5- Keep calm and avoid stress during the test, and take a deep breath before starting.

6- When you're ready to go, adjust the chair, mirrors, seat belts.

7- When changing the track, look carefully at both the center and side mirrors, and when making sure that the path is clear, enter without pressing the brakes, and be sure to use the signal even if the road becomes clear of cars.

8- At a (stop) sign a complete stop before the white line, to make room for others on the road and you can advance a little if the vision is not clear, what matters is to keep a safe distance.

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