How can I make the most of my time ?


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abdoo aliesa answered

Time management is the ability to manage time in an orderly and correct manner, and it is considered one of the reasons for increasing the chances of success as it works to accomplish a lot of work with less effort and time, so it increases the opportunity to obtain many advantages in various fields, and time management feels social and psychological stability.

The most important ways to organize time:

1.Defining a daily plan by writing a daily plan for what you will start doing from morning until the end of the day, and the importance of this plan is that it will give you a glimpse of how your day will be, and in order to achieve a balance in time you must determine the times of sleep and rest.

2. Determine a time period for each task: it must be clear the time that is required in order to complete the tasks that have been identified, while making sure to complete them on time.

3. Rewarding oneself: One should reward oneself for any achievement he takes to the fullest extent, in order to motivate oneself to adhere to the rest of the daily plan.

4. Using the personal calendar: The personal calendar is used to follow the daily activities that can be recorded on the notebook, on the mobile phone, or on e-mail, which organizes the time.

5. Score a long goal list: The importance of recording a long goal list is that it helps to organize projects and daily plans.

6. Setting a deadline for carrying out the tasks: It is important to set a deadline for carrying out the work to clarify when the task to be completed must be completed, and in an orderly and orderly manner.

7. Seriousness in the performance of duties: the appropriate time should be specified in which no should be said, to avoid any imbalance in the daily plan that is laid out in the morning, because it is possible to face temptations that prevent the carrying out of important activities at the time.

8. Having an hour near you all the time: Ensure that there is an hour before doing any task, because it is possible for the person to be busy or forget the time, and having an hour helps to know the specific time.

9. Focus: here is meant to get away from everything that distracts focus, for example, all social networks are closed in order to ensure focus while doing the job.

10. Avoid paying attention to unimportant little details when doing any task: any unimportant detail must be ignored so that enthusiasm does not weaken, and to continue to perform other tasks.

11. Determination of priorities: It is not a person’s ability to carry out all the tasks, then priority tasks must be identified, with the importance of carrying them out, and setting a special schedule for the tasks and activities that one intends to do during a certain period, for example during a week, and classifying them according to their importance as urgent, important, or not.

12. Reducing distractions that cause time loss: Browsing social networking sites is one of the things that causes time loss quickly, and it is possible to set the time to follow up.

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