Can it be dangerous to last a long time sitting on an air trip?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Dizziness on a plane trip is not the only concern a passenger can have, if the trip lasts several hours, sitting all that time can cause problems in our health. Those people who fly should worry more about clots than crashes or air accidents. A Dutch study confirmed what type of passengers have the highest risk of suffering from a deep poisonous thrombosis, a potentially fatal clot that can form in one leg after sitting for a long time.

The results of the study were the following: a) having short legs increases the pressure in the veins behind the knees, while the minimum leg room keeps the upper legs twisted and prevents blood circulation. b) lack of circulation is more common among overweight people. c) multiple flights of at least four hours in a short time could prevent blood vessels from having enough time to recover. You should avoid risks, you can walk along the plane so that the blood does not stagnate.

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