How can I improve my social communication skills with people ??


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abdoo aliesa answered

It is necessary to communicate with members of society in the various activities of life. Hence the necessity to improve and refine this skill, and factors that increase the effectiveness of social communication:

1. Self-confidence: You must be confident in yourself and not be shy until others know how to communicate with you, so you must get rid of the problem of shyness, and you will notice that the people you communicate with do not.

2. Learn good language skills: enhancing language skills increases the effectiveness of social communication and increases the number of languages ​​a person can master, enabling him to communicate with more and more individuals.

3. Use body language: It is preferable not to speak a single tone of voice as the person must train his voice from time to time and smile with his facial expressions.

4. Clarity of ideas: It is imperative to ensure the clarity of your thoughts when it is necessary to do so, and there is no reason to use complex and large words.

5. Eye contact: The eye must be involved in the communication process through expressions, and this is one of the best ways to express the arrival of the message.

6. Building Good Relationships: The communication process is at its best when it is a two-way process. It is imperative to learn how to build good relationships with them until they feel the value of communicating with you.

7. Good listening: Listening is important in the communication process, and it is also one of the best methods of dialogue, as many people do not realize the importance of listening in the communication process and the understanding and assimilation of the other party.

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