Could you give nutritional advice to a weightlifter who suffers from colitis?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Having colitis can happen to anyone, not necessarily those who do demanding exercise routines, as it tends to link the discomfort with having a diet with special protein and carbohydrate regimens. Several foods tend to make this problem known clinically as "irritable bowel syndrome" worse. It confuses the fact that the worst are those that contain whole grains. Refined foods such as bread and white rice are generally acceptable, as is a breakfast with roasted corn flakes.

A high intake of protein or carbohydrates should not present complications and even protein supplements are acceptable. Sometimes the exaggerated consumption of meals during the day could be related to colitis. Ideally, every day you eat little several times, because a heavy meal, especially at the end of the day, can cause problems. Continue with your diet and exercise regimen, if discomfort persists, a doctor should consider other causes that have nothing to do with diet.

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