Can karate kicks injure the knee?


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Edgar Lopez answered

If you are thinking of starting a self-defense training and are inclined to the discipline of karate, you should not worry about the intense training and especially in regard to your knees, since according to studies you will get benefits in your joints. Karate kicks may decrease the risk of knee injuries, according to studies conducted by fitness specialists.

The study consisted of having two groups of participants; one group were martial artists and the other was composed of athletes in good physical condition. Martial artists had more strength in hamstrings, which stabilize the knee, compared to the control group that was in optimal condition. This is because the karatekas kick repeatedly during the warm-up practices and start each kick from the hamstrings. Then you already know that you can learn self defense and at the same time you can strengthen your muscles to avoid injuries to your knee, thanks to karate.

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