Why does my girlfriend's voice sound sexy sometimes?


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Edgar Lopez answered

When you live as a couple there are many activities in the day, that sometimes men do not realize a change of voice in their partner, watch out for that sensual voice, because the tone of a woman sounds sexier when she is at her most high fertility, according to scholars from the University of Albano, in the United States. When men heard the voices of women at different points in their menstrual cycle, they rated the voice of women who were at their highest fertility point as more attractive.

According to studies by Dr. Nate Pipitone, he concludes that possibly the quality of the woman's voice can change by altering the tone (frequency or height) in the period of the month that the woman has menstruation. Women are more receptive to sex at the same point of fertility in their cycle. If your partner wants to have sex and seems irresistible, be sure to use a condom, or if she want to have a child it may be the perfect time for her to get pregnant.

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