What can I do if I like the same girl as my friend?


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Edgar Lopez answered

This situation is very common among great friends. Women!! Angels of death. From your boss's daughter to the one your friend pursues, you are surrounded by delicious women with potentially very bad consequences. Here are some recommendations that can help you test your honey without extreme danger. Why you shouldn't: "There is no worse blow to a man's ego than to be rejected in exchange for one of his best friends" warns us Kate Taylor, sexologist author of Not Tonight, Mr. Right.

Because if you should: “You have the same taste in music, movies and friendships as your friend, and this extends to women to some degree,” says Siski Green, author of How To Blow Her mind in Bed. What you should do: "Don't make this a competition," he warns. “Get her another woman. His attraction to the first will decrease as his oxytocin levels begin to rise in reaction to the new girl.

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