Is it possible to stop smoking?


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abdoo aliesa answered

Certainly it is possible

You only need strong determination and a real desire for that and then you will be able to stop smoking

One of the auxiliary means is practicing exercise and following a structured program to achieve this, with the help of a specialist. It is also necessary to avoid the causes of desire to smoke, such as parties and psychological stress ...

Those who try to stop smoking should receive support and encouragement from those close to them, such as family and friends ...

It is absolutely necessary because this increases the endurance and the desire to quit smoking while reducing the negative effects of quitting smoking.

You should also use some medications to help you stop smoking, in coordination with the doctor, as this is necessary, especially in the beginning

You should avoid spending free time and rest with friends who smoke, especially in the early stages of the smoking cessation program

The causes of stress and negative feelings that increase the desire to smoke should be avoided. It is best to practice relaxing activities, for example, taking a deep breath ...

In the end, it takes patience and restraint

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