How to learn more effectively ?


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Запад Тигр answered

Hi, I have recently asked many people how to learn more effectively, so today we will discuss this topic.

First I need to identify the sources of support. You have to make a list of the knowledge you think will be included in the test or multiple choice test. Next, list all the sources that can help you learn that knowledge. Studying plans, knowing what you need to learn and how to take advantage of the resources available, sit down and schedule your studies.

And it's very important to get a good result. You need a positive mindset, you need to think as positively as possible when you sit down to study. Anxiety will make your class less effective and make it harder for you to remember the knowledge. A quiet, low-distracting seat with little distraction. The place of study will affect the efficiency of the lesson. You can also play memory training games to both relax and practice memory better.

Here are some of the methods that I have learned, if you have any other ideas or have any other learning methods please leave a comment below so we can discuss more about this.

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David Morales answered

Hi, learning more effectively involves placing yourself on two levels: the first is the level of knowledge, which includes: the content or information you want to learn, the sources of this information and the strategies to approach that learning. The second plane is that of the organization of the study space, the workplace or office.About the plane of knowledge, it is important to start with the content or information. Which should be arranged using means of information consistent with the subject, use real and detailed sources, knowing where the information comes from, to break them down into tabs and to use them quickly. Likewise, the management of the sources must be structured by name of the author, date and subject. Regarding the strategies or techniques of organizing the information, it must be adapted to your preferences, although from experience, the management of diagrams, concept maps, mental maps or infographics are the strategies for better understanding of the contents, since the use of keywords and images, allow our brain to work quickly, connecting with previous experiences with that information.For its part, the organization of space is one of the current trends, because where it is in order, the mind flows in the best way. In this aspect, the cleaning and organization of the study elements will serve to use the materials without wasting time. The effectiveness to learn, will work with a minimum of motivation to learn, that is, there must be in your mind the availability to access knowledge. I hope it is useful. Regards

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