How many times does a man need to come to feel normal?


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Nikita Samsonov answered

So, all people know-a man needs to ' let off steam’ in the form of ejaculation or sexual fantasy. Many men engage in Masturbation, but how many times a month do you need to do this to become happy?According to scientists at the Canadian neurological University, jerking off helps a man get himself hooked on the internal source of happiness produced by the body. In the case of onanism, a person can 'hook' themselves to get pleasure without any costs. However, many people consider Masturbation safe, so they allow themselves to engage in Masturbation. So how many times do we need to masturbate in a month?

Scientists believe that about two times a week is enough.

In this scenario, your penis will feel the same as if You were having real sex. This is the average amount for the male body. If you do this more, the feeling of satisfaction will come later and later You will not be able to enjoy carnal pleasures. Then you will have to insert an implant and use an artificial penis. If you are satisfied with this – I advise you-masturbate more often!

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