How long can I use the battery and how do I make it never-ending?


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Nikita Samsonov answered

If you want to make your battery more long-lived – you need to protect it from the cold.

The fact is that conventional batteries and batteries are not able to hold a charge in a cold environment.

They deteriorate and break down from this.

Therefore, we advise everyone to wrap the batteries with something warm or not allowing the cold to get to the battery.

The second tip applies to those who have batteries running constantly – the batteries can be charged constantly, you do not need to throw them away after 1 use-you can watch a tutorial video and create a special battery charging station, which will significantly increase its life time.

Third tip: if your battery is acidic-try to remove the layer formed from the top layer – it may have deteriorated only from the outside, then you will get free working inside the battery – just do not forget to put these substances in an alcohol solution so that the metals do not deteriorate in the atmosphere.

The fourth Council: If your battery is a pinky, you can charge it just by rubbing it in your palm - this will be enough for a thermometer for as much as 3 charges!

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