How do I double the results in my exercise routine?


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Edgar Lopez answered

If you participated in high school sports teams when he was young, it is likely that his coach put him to exercise twice a day. Research has found that dividing your cardio routine into two sessions doubles the benefits. The researchers at the University of New Hampshire divided 37 people into two groups and asked them to perform aerobic exercises four days a week. One of the groups exercised daily for 30 minutes, while the other did it twice a day for 15 minutes each session.

After twelve weeks, those who exercised twice a day increased their capacity by 21% and their maximum level of oxygen consumption by 9%, doubling the results of the group that exercised once a day. The study author explains that the group that exercised twice a day remained warm between each routine and was able to energize the second session. In addition, exercising for less time helped them not get tired and could spend more time in the higher heart rate zone.

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