How can I synchronize my sexual desire with my girlfriend?


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Edgar Lopez answered

In this article I will present two situations that can be used as a guide to improve in bed. 1. You always start: Perhaps the girls think, unconsciously, that they need permission to take the reins. You can casually say something like “what do you think it would be like if you lead us today? I would love to try. ” You should also always keep in mind that any comments about sex - or about your leather or yours - is a subtle signal or request.

2. Your arsenal is more spectacular than hers: if there is a very large difference in the skills of the bedroom between them, she could worry about her performance or being "one more girl". So you don't feel that way, try not to show your entire repertoire of sex toys and tricks. The positions that place them face to face - the mounted, missionary, sitting in a chair - are excellent because they allow the feeling of connection and intimacy. Forget, by the time of orgasm, that would stress her.

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