How can I overcome the urge to lie?


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Edgar Lopez answered

The most difficult battles battle against ourselves. But we can deal with each self-destructive trend. In the case of lying, according to a study from the University of Massachusetts, most people lie to be friendly and competent. The study revealed that 60% of people lie at least once in a 10-minute conversation. You must take control, remember that the lies you tell to make you look boastful. "The rule to impress is modesty," says study author Dr. Robert Feldman, don't tell lies at work, set realistic goals and carry them out.

Some people when they tell a lie then they feel bad, but they are not able to amend the situation for fear of rejection, so they resort to an immediate distraction, such as spending money, since purchases saturate the brain of dopamine which produces an effect of euphoria and so they think they can forget the lies told, but the truth is that this feeling fades quickly.

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