How can I get over the breakup with my boyfriend?


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Edgar Lopez answered

No matter how beautiful, rich and successful you are, sometimes relationships don't work. Follow this guide to survive a breakup. Phase 1: Only cry. You have carte blanche to cry and sob in this phase. This is not the time to get over it. Remember that if you try to forget the pain, you will cause it to be greater. If you don't let your feelings out, you will end up doing something bad, either to him or yourself, which in the end will make you feel worse. Phase 2: Hurt but healing you. After a week of sadness, it's time to take care of your feelings instead of sinking into them. You must understand your part in the breakup, to become more aware of yourself and what you want.

Phase 3: The time tunnel. There is no magic formula for how long it will take you to feel completely good. You must go through the anniversary of everything, birthdays, Christmas, by yourself. Phase 4: You renewed. It is time to resume your security, you must live together, go out to social events. Organize time to share with your friends, you can try a change of look and personal style. In short, do things that he never liked to do and reconquer your territory.

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