Can I identify a psycho in the office?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Of course, yes, sometimes we associate a psychopath with a murderer, but it really is that person who manages to manipulate his environment regardless of the consequences. Professor Robert Hare and Dr. Paul Babiak believe that the ability of a psychopath to manipulate others without remorse makes him successful. "Like several people in the business world, they have inflated egos and a lot of energy, in addition to being somewhat narcissistic," describes Dr. Babiak.

According to these scholars, psychopaths easily enter companies because they stand out in interviews, but, once hired, problems begin. "The characteristics to be detected are: hypocrisy, arrogance, manipulative behavior and absence of feelings of guilt or remorse," he explains.

However, Robert Hare emphasizes that some companies may highly value these qualities. "Used car dealers, for example, must be relentless." Since, in this example, what matters is to convince the customer to buy the car in any way, whether to import a lot if it is convenient or not to buy the car.

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