Can I have a romantic relationship with my child's teacher?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Why you shouldn't do it: Meetings with parents are awkward enough to add insinuating glances. The teacher has a lot of influence on your son. If things don't work out, your child may suffer the consequences.

Why should you: "If you are a single parent, it is difficult to meet new people and you already have something in common to talk about," says Pam Spurr, author of the book Fabulous Foreplay. "She also likes children." Well, it should be like that. What you should do: You probably have a few minutes chance to make a good impression, so apply quick dating tactics. Look her in the eye, mention that you will take your child to eat pizza and ask her what her favorite ingredient is. This open question will lead her directly to the conversation and she will feel that she has revealed you private information. The psychologist Zick Rubin discovered that the direct look and that I entrusted you with personal information are key to making someone interested in you.

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