What can you compare sushi?


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Іра Озаринська answered

Hello! Sushi or sushi - a traditional Japanese cuisine made from rice and various seafood, as well as other ingredients. From the first half of the 80's to 20 century, sushi gained widespread popularity in the world. The process of cooking is not long - just a decade of minutes. But at the same time the dish is tasty and very useful. Perhaps this was the reason for such popularity of Japanese cuisine. Previously, I could not even compare sushi with something, I just had to dislike them and even eat them, but once I was watching the transfer and there I was doing sushi with all sorts of stuffings and here I was eaten, can all that try ??? And I did her husband on his birthday, they verywas similar to the original, but everyone thought that it swam swirled in roulette instead of raw fish, I put smoked salmon and crab shelves with cucumber, it was very delicious and everyone was caught))) they are not even a nonsmooth lumber compare it give to taste it .... and still delicious with red caviar ... Delicious you .

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Vishenka Sladkaya answered

I like sushi) especially when make them by myself)

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Ebrahim Aymab answered

a traditional Japanese cuisine made from rice and various seafood

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