What activities can I do to counteract insomnia?


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Edgar Lopez answered

You can follow the 55 minute process below and you will sleep better than ever. 22:00 hours. Clean.This is your room, not a fast food area. Close your computer and turn off the TV. When you get rid of things that are not related to sleep, your brain associates the room with sleep. 22:30 hours. Just relax.Take a hot bath half an hour before bed. This will refresh you, bringing blood to your skin; in addition to increasing the temperature of your body and promoting sleep. Also, wear socks in bed: having warm feet causes the blood vessels to open and disperse more heat.

22:40 hours. Have a drink. Drink a glass of warm milk. This dairy is full of tryptophan, which activates the release of serotonin and melatonin. 22:55 hours. Turn off the light. Drape curtains to your bedroom. Darkness floods your brain with melatonin. Although if it is very dark in the morning, it is more difficult for you to wake up. Buy curtains that let in enough dawn light, but little at night.

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