Is it a good idea to go out with my boss's daughter?


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Edgar Lopez answered

Why you shouldn't: he has you under his authority, as far as your financial health is concerned. Bowing your head while having breakfast with your boss will not increase your chances of being promoted.

Why you should: she is out of your reach, so where many see, few come to play. She is very powerful because of her lineage, and power is an intense aphrodisiac. This means that most men will be too scared to approach him, so the terrain is clear and he can be grateful for your reliable approaches. What you should do: Two of the gifts that women find attractive are power and self-confidence. A man who takes risks transpires power and can score strong only by making a safe and mature approach. Don't try great feats to impress her. The key is not to be intimidated by their status, which will allow you to relax and enjoy the moment.

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