How can I show my friend that I like her?


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Edgar Lopez answered

1. Advertise. Think of your approach as if it were an advertising campaign. You already have the basis for a great relationship, now just work on how your ex-partners are different from you and what they have in common with you, then highlight the good characteristics you share with them.

2. Be a man. If you interact at the same level as her friends, this is how she will perceive you. You must move away and move away a little. Women make the mental change from friend to lover much slower than men, so take distance to speed up the process. Decrease the amount of time you spend together and you will be part of the real estate to someone she misses and wants to see. Yes, maybe with nothing on.

3. Clean your reputation. If you ever treated a former girlfriend badly and she knows it, this involves three Stripes even before you go out to bat. You should explain your past behavior and argue that your ex girlfriend destroyed your confidence with derogatory comments. Then emphasize that you are a new man, that you learned the bad one.

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