How can I conquer my friend on a romantic date?


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Edgar Lopez answered

First step: Look at her steadily. “Make use of pupilometry; when you are with her, make sure to dim the light so that your pupils automatically dilate, the same as when you want someone, ”advises Sam Van Rood, body language expert and author of Teach Yourself Flisting. She will not know why, but she may feel a change in the environment and as a result she will be more attracted to you.

Second step: Prepare her to want you: “Make her subconsciously see herself as your potential girlfriend by talking about the characteristics you like in a woman and that she obviously has,” advises Richard La Ruina, author of The Natural Art of Seduction At the last minute, turn the situation around and tell her that she is undoubtedly ruled out as an option due to her abrasive personality or lack of ambition. This will put a challenge in front of you and therefore want you to want it, so that it will take action on the matter. Or he will slap you.

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